Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 Little Monkeys

"5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed"

That is what it will be like in my house soon. Yes, I am going to have another baby!!!! We are so excited for the new one. It is fun to listen to the kids talk about what they think it will be. The boys want a boy and Austin wants a girl. Then they try to make Alissa take a side. Scott gets in on this too. He says the rest of our kids will be boys - no more girls! (We will see)

We told my family by copying two of my sister...the first one wore a shirt that said "Baby Bump" on her belly. My other sister had her husband wear the "Baby Bump" shirt. So we decided to have Alissa wear our. My family wasn't sure if I was really pregnant or making fun of them. It took a few minutes for them to realize that I was serious.

I am due the first week of August. There are 4 of us in may family and Scott's sister that are expecting about the same time. This makes 5!!! We are all due about 2 1/2 months apart (from end of June to beginning of Sept). I think it will be so much fun to be pregnant together and have babies that are the same age. This will also make the summer very busy!