Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hulet Family Olympics!!!

Well, during the Olympics my kids were so into all of the competitions...especially the swimming, gymnastics and the races. So we we decided to have our own family Olympics at the park. We had six events: the 5 meter swim, shot put, 5 meter hurdles, gymnastics, saber, and the 25 meter dash.

Opening Ceremonies

I even had enough swim caps & goggles for each of them.

My favorite pics!!!



Closing Ceremonies with Awards

After we were all done we tied it into the Plan of Happiness. We each have to work hard to reach a goal. At the end we all work towards and hope to attain the gold medal (Celestial Kingdom).

Fun at Grandma's

Just before school started we went down to my grandma's house to play in her irrigation. My kids were so excited to see her yard flood. (She floods her backyard and garden once a week with the irrigation water to water it.) I've been doing this since I was little...and still love it!!!

We all have fun splashing and playing in the water.

Even Grandma gets a little bit wet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Day Of School

Guess who started Kindergarten this year...

Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Hart.

Here are all the kids on the first day of school in their new school clothes.

Chase had so much fun and was so excited for school. Every day Chase runs out and tells me what happened during the day. It is so much fun to see them so excited to learn and about school. He loves it.

C.P.R. (Crazy Paul's Racing)

Back on Sept. 6 & 7 there was a race called The Wasatch 100. It's a race that the runners travel up and down mountain trails from Fruit Heights to Midway. The reason I know about this is because of Scott's dad. Yup he decided to run it. We got to help him at aid stations and we were there at the finish line at the Homestead to finish it up with him.

Here he is coming into one of the aid stations that we got to help out at.
The kids cheered and made noise with their cowbells to cheer Grandpa on.

Here is our family waiting at the finish line in our matching CPR shirts.

Here he is with one of his pacers just before the finish line.
Everyone joined him for the last 50 yards or so.

Grandpa after his race - He finished!!!!

Receiving his award.

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!!!

Well, Scott had to go to Texas all week last week for some training for his job. I got to hang out all week with the 3 kids. It was kind of tricky but we got through it. I even painted the kids room while he was gone. All in all we were so excited to have Daddy come home. We all went down to pick him up at the airport. Here are the kids with Scott.

What A Bunch of Animals

We went to the zoo on the 13 of Sept. with Scott's family. The kids had so much fun down there.

Here are the kids tempting the Lion.

We went to the bird show and got to have pictures with some of the stars.

Waiting for the Show to start

Two little monkeys in the giraffe house.

Which way are we going?
New this year: Conservation Carousel

Austin - Ladybug
Gavin - DolphinChase - Praying Mantis