Thursday, May 22, 2008


Alright, I have now completed my first triathlon. There were a lot of people there (about 460 or so). There were women from the ages of 12 to 66. There was even one that was 5 months pregnant. It was cool to see so many different ladies there.

It started with the 300 Meter swim, which I finished in 11.09 minutes. The pool was twice as long as I was used to so it kind of wiped me out quicker than I thought. I was slower than I thought I was going to be, but I think it threw a lot of people off. My first transition took 4.54 minutes. Then we had our 11.4 mile bike ride. There was a loop that we had to ride twice. It started with a monster uphill ride, then leveled out a bit and finally ended with a great downhill towards the finish. The bike ride lasted 55.46 minutes. My second transition was 1.29 minutes. Then it all finished up with a 3.1 mile run. I think this was my hardest part for me. It was different going from bike to running than I thought it would be. I ran it in 36.07 minutes - which was slower than I wanted to be. In all I finished in 1 hour 49 minutes 28.31 seconds.
I wanted to finish before 1 hour 45 minutes but I forgot to add in transition times to my goal. So I feel I still made it in my goal time. I was glad that I did that. Oh, and I wasn't last. ; )

I had fun doing it (especially with my friends). I wish I could've hung out a little more after I finished so I could relax and enjoy it a little more.

We had to hurry back up to Ogden so that Chase and Gavin could do their Kids K at the Ogden Marathon with a bunch of their cousins (Renee, Timothy, Dallin and Katie). We made it back in time. Chase and Gavin did so good. Austin was in the stroller but she had fun too. At the finish line they each got a cowbell necklace - and then a few feet later there were Creamies. They all had a ton of fun.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

We had a Cinco de Mayo family night last night.

We had one of Scott's mission companions with his family and one of our
friends from school with her fam there. It was so much fun...

We had dinner - taquittos and 7 layer bean dip - and had a pinata for the kids to
break open. It was at the nearby park so the kids could play and be outside.

I left my camera at home (I was sad) so I don't have any pics... :(

See ya Later

Well, we just had a going away party for Jeromy & Karly & Steve (Karly's Bro). They are going up to Alaska for the summer.
They leave the 13th of May and don't come back until Sept. 17th or so. They will be working at Doc Warner's (they do fishing tours) in Excursion Inlet.
It should be so much fun. I wish I could go. I've always wanted to go there. This is the 3rd summer that some of my family will be going up there. So far Terra, Mom, Dad, Grandma Bodily and Grandpa Ivie. One of these years I'll be able to, but we'll see when.