Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jana this is for you!!!

Jana here are the pics of my "Austin Sundae".

Here is the story for those that don't know it:

This happened about 2 years ago.
I was on the computer doing bills and balancing the checkbook (when I do
this I tend to tune everything out). I remember hearing the fridge open and
close but it didn't phase me. I continued with bills.
A few minutes later Chase comes running in and says "Come look what we did to Austin!"
That is never a good sentence so I hurried into the
bedroom to see what destruction had been caused. To my surprise Austin was
sitting in her crib COVERED in chocolate syrup.
As you can tell she was enjoying every minute of it. They also got syrup all over
their room and the bathroom. I had to laugh at this-mainly because it was that or cry.
So I grabbed my camera and had a good laugh.
Still to this day Chase and Gavin ask when they can make an "Austin Sundae" again.
They think it would make a good Family night. Maybe some day...